1/35 Russian Stalinetz tractors

Engine for Trumpeter´s S-65 Stalinetz tractor

Gas Generator  Upgrade Set: detailed resin set for Trumpeter´s Stalinetz  CHTZ-S-65 kit


S-65 Gas generator conversion - work in progress


S-60 Stalinetz conversion - work in progress


S-65 Stalinetz engine

I have done most of the masters and  getting ready the molds. Some parts cannot be finished and  fitted until I have final castings assembled together. Although the Trumpeter´s kit id pretty good, I have found a couple of small things which dont fit exactly to drawings available in excellent book about various Russian tractors from Tankograd. The engine is very complex and complicated piece of hardware, and also this one in scale will have some 30 parts, and will offer various levels of detail depending on anyone´s personal taste. However, my work is almost  done and I will be able to finish my test build in a few days. Here some selection of masters and castings for my work


Most of the masters and master castings are done, just a few small pipes and parts will be made after the engine base is assembled together - to get perfect fit of the parts, especially these tricky pipes all around....

Some more WIP pictures on masters, and finally my test build has started


More details added on the right side of the engine.



The resf of the masters finished, but I did not manage to get all , gone away for a couple of days, I will finish my build today


All the parts assembled, just a few tiny PE bits to be added, once they arrive



Few PE parts added, and now the engine is ready for surfacer


Test build finished


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